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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Daily Dose of Knowledge

With Daily Dose of Knowledge, you can be absolutely sure that you ll learn something new every day. The book includes 365 one-page articles covering everything from cave paintings to chaos theory, making it fun and easy to keep your mind sharp and expand your horizons. The articles are organized into 52 weeks, with each day of the week dedicated to a particular subject area. On Sundays, you'll learn about music; on Mondays, you'll explore science and nature; on Tuesdays, you'll appreciate the world of art; on Wednesdays, you'll delve into an interesting episode from history; on Thursdays, you'll read up on literature; on Fridays, you'll meet fascinating people; and on Saturdays, you'll enjoy a grab-bag of information.

A sampling of what you'll learn in Daily Dose of Knowledge:

Where Kabuki theater came from
Why it s so hard to develop a cure for cancer
How a pigeon saved 194 American soldiers in World War I
Why Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore
Who invented the banjo

If you read Daily Dose of Knowledge, you'll get a little smarter each day.

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